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Download Facebook Ad Library Videos


AD Library:

AD Library refers to an advertising library, which is a platform or tool used to store and showcase advertising content. Typically provided by advertising platforms such as Facebook Ad Library, TikTok Ad Library, and others, the AD Library aims to offer transparency and accessibility, allowing users to view and analyze ads published by other advertisers on the platform.

Within the AD Library, users can browse through ads from various advertisers, including ad copy, images, or videos. These ads are often associated with specific advertising campaigns, target audiences, and geographic locations for ad placements. Through the download facebook ad library videos, users can gain insights into competitors' advertising strategies, creative inspirations, and industry trends.

In summary, the AD Library is a publicly accessible advertising repository designed to showcase and study advertising content published on specific advertising platforms.

What are the uses of an AD library?

1. Advertising Transparency:

AD libraries provide transparency by allowing users to understand the ad content, advertiser information, and details of ad placements on the platform. This helps consumers better understand the source and content of the advertisements.

2. Political Advertising Regulation:

AD libraries regulate political advertising by recording and publicly disclosing information about the placement, advertiser details, and spending of political ads. This helps supervise the fairness, truthfulness, and compliance of political advertisements.

3. Competitive Intelligence:

Businesses can use AD libraries to research their competitors' advertising activities and understand their ad creatives, positioning strategies, and placement trends. This enables them to optimize their advertising strategies.

4. Data Analysis and Insights:

AD libraries provide advertising data that platforms and advertisers can use for data analysis and insights. This helps them understand ad performance, audience response, and campaign effectiveness, thereby optimizing advertising campaigns and improving return on investment.

In summary, AD libraries serve multiple purposes for participants in the advertising market, including transparency, regulation, competitive analysis, and data insights. They contribute to promoting fair competition and enhancing advertising effectiveness.So, download facebook ad library videos has always been in high demand.

What are the current mainstream ad libraries available?

Facebook Ad Library (Meta Ad Library):

When discussing Facebook Ads, it is necessary to mention Meta Ads. As a subsidiary of Meta, Meta Ads has a broader scope compared to Facebook Ads, encompassing advertising on multiple platforms and products such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Oculus. However, currently, only Facebook has an Ad Library under Meta Ads.

Facebook Ad Library is a feature on the Facebook platform aimed at providing transparency and openness in advertising. It is a searchable database that contains ads running on Facebook and its affiliated platforms such as Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. The Ad Library includes political ads, election ads, issue ads, and some ads related to public interest.

Through Meta Ad Library, users can browse and search ads, view information about advertisers, ad content, duration of the ad campaign, as well as details such as geographic locations and audience targeting. The feature is designed to promote advertising transparency, allowing users to gain better insights into advertising activities on the Facebook platform and providing mechanisms for supervision and public scrutiny.

By download facebook ad library videos, users can enhance the quality of their creative output.

TikTok Ad Library:

TikTok Ad Library is a feature on the TikTok platform aimed at providing advertising transparency and traceability. It is a publicly accessible database designed to showcase the ads running on TikTok.

TikTok Ad Library allows users to browse and search for ads that are being served on TikTok. Users can view the creative content, duration of the ad campaign, geographic targeting, and information about the advertiser. The purpose of this feature is to provide transparency in advertising activities and enable users to gain a better understanding of how ads operate on the TikTok platform.

It is important to note that TikTok Ad Library primarily focuses on political ads and election-related content, providing more information about these types of advertisements. The goal of this feature is to increase advertising transparency and facilitate public oversight and understanding of ad campaigns.

Downloading tiktok ad library videos can also help improve the quality of your creative output. If you are interested in tiktok ad library, please continue reading below.

Why You Need to Download Facebook Ad Library Videos

1. Backing up your ads:

As an advertiser, you may want to backup and archive your ad videos posted on Meta Ads. This can help you track ad creative and campaign history for future comparisons and analysis.

2. Repurposing creative content:

If you find a particular ad video performing well on Meta Ads, you may want to reuse it on other platforms or channels, or use it in different ad campaigns. Downloading the video allows you to obtain the high-quality source file for further editing to meet the requirements of different platforms.

3. Researching your competitors:

At times, you may want to analyze ad videos that your competitors have posted on Facebook to gain insights into their creative and marketing strategies. Downloading these videos can assist you in studying and evaluating your competitors' ad content more carefully.

There are many benefits to download Facebook ad library videos. However, figuring out how to download Facebook ad library videos can indeed be a challenge. But don't worry, please continue reading for further instructions.

How to Download Facebook Ad Library Videos

Extension are always your best choice. Using extensions to download Facebook ad library videos is your best option. With just a few extra clicks on your regularbrowsing routine, you can easily download the videos you desire. Now, let me introduce two of the most user-friendly extensions and guide you step by step on how to download Meta Ad Library ads.

Download Facebook Ad Library Videos - Denote
Download Facebook Ad Library Videos

Alternatively, you can choose another plugin that allows you to save more detailed creative information in download Facebook ad library videos.

  • Install the extension on your browser:Denote - Save TikTok & Facebook Ad
  • Open Facebook ad library
  • Similarly, with just a single click, you can download Facebook Ad Library video you need.
  • Manage your saved Meta Ad Library videos in your personal space. You can also download saved creatives in bulk.
Download Facebook Ad Library Videos - Denote
Download Facebook Ad Library Videos

Bonus:Not only downloading Facebook ad library videos but also efficiently managing them

Denote is your best choice.

1. Multi-platform:

It can be saved from the Facebook Ad Library and used across multiple platforms: Meta ads、Facebook, TikTok, and TikTok Ads Library.

2. Permanent saving:

All the ideas you save will be preserved in Denote indefinitely, allowing you to access them at any time.

3. Quick categorization:

On Denote, you can categorize your ideas using three dimensions: Folder, Board, and Tag. For example, you can create a new folder called "Ads Library" and then create two boards within the folder: "Facebook Ad Library" and "TikTok Ad Library." By configuring the extension settings, you can save specific ideas to designated boards on these two platforms. If you want to further differentiate the ideas within the boards, you can manually apply tags when saving from the Facebook Ad Library or TikTok Ads Library, such as "clothes", "jewelry", "shoes" etc. This makes it convenient for you to quickly find these ideas when you need to review them.

4. Sharing and collaboration:

If you want to enhance your productivity, you need to check this out. With a simple click, you can share your ideas with others, allowing them to see your detailed information, including your comments on them. You don't have to worry about the security of your ideas as others cannot modify the content until they become members of your team.

Denote - Save Ads from TikTok, Instagram, Facebook Ad Library
Denote - Save Ads from TikTok, Instagram, Facebook Ad Library


In short, Facebook Ad Library (Meta Ad Library) and TikTok Ad Library are valuable platforms for marketers. Denote is a recommended tool for efficiently downloading videos from these libraries and analyzing competitor data and trends within specific ad categories.

Remember, for professionals in the digital advertising industry, the ideas you continuously gather and the knowledge you accumulate are your most valuable assets. Try Denote today, easily saving ads from TikTok and Facebook Ad Library. Level Up Your Creative Ad Workflow!