The Winning Ad Workflow

The best one-stop ad collaboration tool to save ad creatives, exchange inspiration, and optimize the review process.

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Save Ad Inspiration

Save TikTok and Facebook ad ideas in one click. Upload ideas to discuss and have already been made. Denote is a one-stop idea gathering tool.


Tag & Rate

Tagging and rating creatives is a necessary part of the workflow, as tags help identify creatives and get feedback from different opinions, while rating helps teams and clients make final decisions.

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Share & Collaborate

Share creatives and tasks with teams or external collaborators. Denote makes this process compact and frictionless, allowing everyone to communicate and work on a single platform and leave traceable data there.


Delivery & Success

You can deliver online with one click. Realize direct connection with customers and complete exchange of opinions on Denote. Joining us will be a key step in your success and that of your clients.

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