Temu Downloader – Download and Save Temu Videos and Images

Temu Downloader - Download and Save Temu Videos and Images


Browsing the Temu app, you've likely come across amusing videos or nice product photos you wished you could save for later. Well now you can easily download and store any Temu videos, images, and other media with the Temu Downloader Chrome extension.

In this guide, we'll cover everything the Temu Downloader extension can do and how to use it to capture videos, images and more from your Temu app.

What is Temu?

Temu is a popular e-commerce app that offers great deals on various products. If you're a Temu user, you may sometimes want to save interesting videos or images you find in the app for later viewing or sharing. However, Temu doesn't have a built-in download feature.

That's where Temu Downloader comes in. Temu Downloader is a free online tool that allows you to easily download and save Temu videos, images, and other media to your device. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explain exactly how to use Temu Downloader to save any video or image from the Temu app.

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Why Download Temu Videos and Images?

Here are some of the key reasons you may want to download videos and images from Temu:

View Offline

By saving Temu videos and images to your device's local storage, you can view them anytime without an internet connection. This makes it easy to watch saved Temu videos during a flight, commute, or in other offline situations.

Share with Friends

Found an amazing deal or funny Temu video you want to share with friends and family? Downloading makes it simple to share videos and images via messaging apps, email, social media, etc.

Preserve Interesting Content

Temu videos and images often highlight great products, useful tips, or entertaining moments. Downloading lets you create a library of memorable Temu content to enjoy for years to come.

Lighten Data Load

Streaming lots of videos can consume mobile data quickly. Downloading allows you to reduce data usage while still enjoying Temu video content.

Why Download Temu Media with This Temu Extension?

Here are some of the key reasons to download Temu videos, images and other media using the Temu Downloader Chrome extension:

Why Download Temu Media with This Extension - Denote

Works Right in Your Browser

As a Chrome extension, Temu Downloader seamlessly integrates into your browser for easy media saving while you browse Temu web pages or the mobile app.

User-Friendly One-Click Downloads

Simply click the extension icon on any Temu video or image, and it will instantly download straight from the app to your local device or cloud drive.

Downloads Original Quality Media

Videos and images are extracted and downloaded in their full original quality, ensuring excellent playback and resolution.

Added Convenience

Between the browser integration and one-click operation, this extension makes capturing Temu media far more convenient than painful workarounds.

When you find a funny video, cute graphic or cool product photo in Temu, this extension enables downloading it in just seconds while you browse.

How the Temu Downloader Extension Works

Installing this clever Chrome extension empowers easy media downloading right from Temu web pages or app:

How the Temu Downloader Extension Works - Denote
  • ⛓️ Integrates downloading utilities directly into Chrome browser
  • ⚡ Detects and indexes Temu media for one-click saving
  • ⬇️ Downloads videos/images instantly with a click
  • 💾 Saves media files to local or Save to Denote
  • 🔓 100% free and safe browser extension

Put simply, this extension upgrades your browser with seamless Temu media capturing capabilities in just minutes.

Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading Temu Media

Ready to start enjoying one-click video and image downloads while browsing Temu? Here is an easy how-to:

1. Install Temu Downloader Extension

Install the Temu Downloader Chrome extension via the Chrome Web Store link earlier in this post. Click "Add to Chrome" to finish installing.

2. Open Temu Video or Image

Browse Temu in Chrome on your computer or mobile device. When you spot an interesting video or nice image you want to save, open it.

3. Tap Extension Icon to Download

The Temu Downloader icon will display over compatible media. Simply click it, and your video or image will start downloading!

4. Find Your Media in Files

Check your device or cloud drive downloads folder. The Temu videos and images downloaded with the extension will be waiting there!

And that's all there is to start harnessing this handy Chrome extension for easy Temu media captures. No account, tricky settings or video converters needed!

Storing Your Downloaded Temu Media

The Temu Downloader extension saves videos as MP4 files and images in JPG format by default. Here are some quick tips for managing the media after you've downloaded it:

  • Save videos and images to a dedicated "Temu" folder or cloud drive so they stay nicely organized.
  • Back up downloads to cloud storage like Google Drive or iCloud for safe long-term keeping.
  • For big screen viewing, transfer downloads from mobile to desktop or vice versa via sync services or cables.
  • Use FreeMediaOrganizer, VLC or image gallery apps to neatly catalogue your expanding collection of downloaded Temu media.

With the downloaded videos and images at your full control, you can easily manage, share and enjoy this content on your own terms - no strings attached!


I hope this guide covered everything you need to know to harness the Temu Downloader Chrome extension for smoothly saving any videos, images and other media from the Temu ecommerce app.

So next time you come across an interesting Temu video or nice product photo, use this nifty extension to download it on the spot! Having Temu media easily accessible in your personal library ensures you can enjoy and share such memorable content whenever you want.