We are a passionate and creative team focused on elevating the creative workflow. Our flagship product, Denote, saves ads from TikTok and Facebook Ad Library, organizes them into boards, and inspires teams. Empowering creative strategists in the ad workflow is our mission.

With a diverse range of experts in our team, including our visionary CEO John Smith, we combine technical expertise, creative prowess, and data insights to revolutionize the advertising industry, providing a powerful tool for saving, organizing, and sharing ad content while delivering valuable inspiration and empowering ad strategists.

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Hongyuan Cao
Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO with extensive experience in the tech industry, committed to revolutionizing the advertising workflow.

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Lizy Gao
CTO & Project Manager

Chief Technology Officer skilled in developing innovative tech solutions, providing support for the stability and functionality of the Denote platform.

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Product Manager

Driving product development, collaborating with the development team to ensure Denote's features align with user needs.

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Hoi Lau
Software Development Manager

The Denote software development leader oversees the creation and evolution of innovative software solutions, ensuring technical excellence and successful product advancement.

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Lisa Chen
Data Scientist

Providing valuable insights into advertising trends and user behavior for Denote through in-depth data analysis.

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Michael Anderson
UX Designer

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Alex Ramirez
Business Development Manager

Establishing strategic relationships with partners to expand Denote's market share.

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Michelle Wang
Customer Support Manager

Managing the customer support team, ensuring Denote users receive timely and exceptional support services.

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Andrew Davis
Software Engineer

Developing and optimizing the backend architecture of Denote, ensuring high performance and security of the platform.

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Rachel Kim
User Growth Specialist

Driving user growth and retention at Denote through marketing campaigns and user analysis.