How To Get AI Transcript From Videos

How To Get AI Transcript From Videos - Denote
How To Get AI Transcript From Videos - Denote


AI Transcript is the process of extracting transcripts from videos using AI. This method allows for a rapid understanding of a video's key content. For the successful formulation of a media marketing strategy, thorough preparation is essential. This includes the analysis of videos, utilizing AI to obtain subtitles for each video. Such an approach significantly enhances the speed of video analysis, a crucial aspect of strategic preparation.

What is AI Transcript

AI transcript is essentially the utilization of artificial intelligence to extract the transcript from a video. By leveraging AI to convert audio into written text, AI transcript can transcribe the content of various types of audio, including that of videos. An increasing number of products now support these functionalities. Compared to traditional manual transcription, AI is not only faster but also provides real-time generation of transcripts. Moreover, it is more convenient and cost-effective. As AI tools continue to advance and iterate, the accuracy and speed of AI transcript are expected to increase, while the associated costs will likely decrease.

Why Is It Necessary To Obtain AI Transcripts From Videos?

If you're a professional creative designer, envision a scenario: thousands of materials laid out before you, and you need to select just a handful of truly outstanding creative assets. The thought alone can be daunting. However, imagine this: if a creative video is two minutes long, its transcript is just over 100 words, requiring only 20 seconds to read! Moreover, if you can pick out keywords, this reading time can further decrease, boosting your efficiency by over six times.

Enhancing efficiency is one of the benefits brought by AI transcript. If I were to ask you to list the commonalities among 100 outstanding creative assets, you might need to review all 100 creatives to answer me. But do you really need to go through all of them? With AI Transcript, you can effortlessly generate commonalities among these 100 assets with just a click. AI tools excel in analyzing text, making AI Transcript your optimal choice to maximize efficiency, whether you're browsing creative content or summarizing ideas.

Furthermore, after creative materials undergo AI Transcript, you can now search for specific creatives using keywords. Previously, you could only search through platform-provided keywords. With AI Transcript, you can search based on the content of the videos, undeniably increasing the accuracy of your searches.

How To Get AI Transcript From Videos

Returning to our key topic, "How To Get AI Transcript From Videos?" Next, I'll introduce you to several user-friendly and free tools.

1. Extension

How To Get AI Transcript From Videos - Denote

TikTok Script Generator & Video Extractor

AI Script Generator Base TikTok Video, Extracting Keywords, Hashtags, Video-to-text.

Browser plugins have consistently been valuable companions for web browsing, enhancing functionality through embedded features. This particular plugin allows you to effortlessly retrieve video subtitles and key information with a simple click on the video.

It's not just about viewing! By clicking the generate button, you can generate a unique video script based on the current creative content. Of course, you also have the flexibility to adjust these key elements, adding uniqueness, professionalism, or even a touch of humor to your generated script.

2. Denote 

How To Get AI Transcript From Videos - Denote
How To Get AI Transcript From Videos - Denote

The aforementioned plugin is currently exclusive to the TikTok platform. If you wish to get AI Transcript from videos across various platforms, Denote is an excellent choice. Denote currently supports a multitude of platforms, including the Facebook Ad Library, TikTok, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, and more. By saving a video on Denote and clicking "get AI Transcript" you can obtain specific subtitle information through AI.

However, please note that the "AI Transcript" feature on Denote is currently in the Beta testing phase, and there might be instances where certain videos lack subtitles. Nonetheless, no worries, as we will soon support AI Transcript retrieval for all videos.

How Can AI Transcript Be Utilized For Video Analysis?

This is a forthcoming feature from Denote. You'll be able to summarize the commonalities among selected creatives with a single click, including frequently used words, repeated lines, and scenarios displayed. This functionality makes it easier for you to identify commonalities among these high-quality creatives. Through the analysis of these commonalities, Denote will also offer a rewriting feature, allowing you to generate similar content with just one click. This significantly reduces your workload, enabling you to focus on selecting the most high-quality creatives.


Starting with the question of "How To Get AI Transcript From Videos," we explained what AI Transcript is. Through examples, we explored the significance of obtaining AI Transcript for efficiency improvement. Finally, we recommended two free tools, through which you can get AI Transcript from videos. If you're interested in summarizing and analyzing through AI Transcript, stay tuned for Denote, as we'll soon be launching this feature.