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Difficulties In Ads Analysis&Creation?
Use Denote AI creative assistant to analyze competitor ads, gain unique creative insights, and save 10x the time while boosting the quality of your ad creatives.

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Denote is a Powful Ad Inspiration Library

Why do you need Denote AI?

Denote AI is an effective Ad Creative assistant.
By using Denote AI to analyze your competitors in bulk, you can gain insights into their ads.
Denote AI offers numerous tools to help improve your efficiency, such as AI Image Cutout and AI Ad script.
Denote AI saves you 10x the time on your Ad creatives and delivers unparalleled Ad performance!

Denote is a Powful Ad Inspiration Library
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Freely Chat With Denote AI

You can chat with Denote AI anything you want about competitor Ads, Whether it's script writing, coming up with ideas, or ad insights, you'll get Denote AI's results back in a flash!

Gain Insights Into Competitive Ads

With Denote AI, you can quickly understand ad content and analyze the competitive advantages of your rivals' ads - key insights, ad copy transcription, winning ad secrets... Denote AI can answer any of your questions, and help you achieve 10 times the Ad effect.

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Powful AI Search and Filtering

Create Your Own Inspiring Ads

When inspiration runs dry or deadlines are looming, you definitely need the help of Denote AI! It can generate high-quality ad scripts that meet your requirements, based on the details you input.Save time in creating advertising copy.

Save Time On AI Ads Creating

Through features like AI image cutout, watermark removal of creative assets, Denote AI enables you to obtain clean, usable visual materials. It saves effort in preparing Ad content for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

Denote AI is FREE.It also offers both free and paid subscription plans. The free plan includes core features, while the paid plans have additional advanced capabilities and support. The paid plans start at $9 per month.

You can use Denote AI
· Freely Converse With Denote AI
· Analyze The Competitive Advantages Of Ads
· Transcribe Ad Script Content
· Create New Creative Scripts
and more. Denote AI can effectively help you analyze and write new creatives, saving you work time.

Yes. Denote AI takes data security and privacy very seriously. Users have full control over their data and what they share. Denote also has strong access controls and logging to ensure the security of sensitive information.

You can click here to register your Denote ad account. In the Denote library or My notes interface, click the Denote AI icon and input a command to start the conversation.

In addition to its ad archiving and organization capabilities, Denote AI offers a range of other services to support marketers and advertisers, including: · Discover Ad Library · Batch Ads Downloading&Data Exporting · Brands Tracking and more.The Denote is designed to be a comprehensive solution for managing, analyzing, and optimizing digital advertising efforts.

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