Frequently Asked Questions

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Denote is a creative workflow tool designed to help users save ads from TikTok and Facebook Ad Library, organize them into boards, inspire teams, and enhance work efficiency.
In Denote, we currently support two methods. First, you can manually upload your own local assets. Second, you can use our Chrome Extension to save ads with just one click, supporting platforms such as TikTok, TikTok Creative Center, Facebook, and Facebook Ad Library.
Yes, Denote allows you to create custom folders and boards, enabling you to organize ads based on various themes or projects according to your needs.
Yes, Denote provides sharing functionality, allowing you to share curated ad boards with team members, promoting collaboration and inspiration exchange. It supports team collaboration, enabling uploads, modifications, and comments on creatives.
Currently, Denote only supports saving and organizing ads and does not provide direct editing capabilities. We recommend using the original platforms for editing and saving the updated versions in Denote.
Yes, Denote allows you to add notes or annotations to saved ads, helping you record ideas, strategies, or other relevant information.
Currently, Denote does not support export functionality, but we are considering adding this feature in future updates.
You can reach out to the Denote team through the contact information provided on our official website or directly communicate via the Crisp chat widget in the bottom right corner of the Denote website.
Currently, Denote supports saving materials or ads from TikTok, TikTok Creative Center, Facebook, and Facebook Ad Library. We plan to consider adding support for other ad platforms in the future, such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, etc.
Yes, Denote permanently stores users' ads, and it provides a history feature that allows you to easily view and access previously saved ad content.
Denote offers powerful search and filtering features to help you manage and organize a large number of saved ads, making it easier to find and browse through them.
We prioritize user privacy and data security. In Denote, we have implemented strict security measures to safeguard user information and ensure data protection.