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Save ads and videos from TikTok Organic, TikTok Creative Center and TikTok Ad Library without watermark, securely store them for permanent access, and collaborate seamlessly with your team to streamline your advertising process.

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#1 TikTok Ads Saver and Manager - Denote

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Save Ads from Anywhere, Forever

Tired of endless ad downloads & repetitive uploads to the cloud?
Save ads forever from TikTok,Facebook & Instagram with one click using our Chrome Extension.

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Save Ads from Anywhere, Forever - Denote

Organize Your Ads with Folders

Enduring the messy creative management?
Just create a board. Elevate your organization to the next level with tags and automated industry filters.

Organize Your Ads with Folders - Denote

Team Up for Ad Collaboration

Frustrated by inefficient team communication?
Share folder with anyone you like. Manage creatives with your team members, and discuss to spark ideas.

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Denote lets you bring your entire creative process together into a seamless workflow.

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As a video ad creator, I am grateful to have a tool like this that helps me easily save videos from platforms like tiktok and facebook to provide inspiration for my creations.
I can also use it to easily categorize my creative assets and view video data at any time.

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Maryam Amiri
Video Creator

The team relies on Denote as their primary tool for discovering and arranging ideas for creatives.
Initially, I was hesitant about introducing another tool, but the chrome extension has made it incredibly user-friendly.
Denote has significantly reduced the workload for our creative team, and our clients also appreciate its benefits.

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Denote is an amazing tool for digital marketers that has had a major impact on our team.It makes easy to manage my facebook ads.The ability to save all my creatives and create boards to share with my team.I highly recommend it to any digital marketer.

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Sarah Johns

Denote has greatly impacted our team of digital marketers. It simplifies Facebook ad management by allowing us to save and organize all our creatives and share them with our team. I highly recommend it to fellow marketers.

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Denote is a must-have for creative strategists. It streamlines creative content management across platforms like TikTok and Facebook Ad Library. The ability to save and categorize different media types is invaluable for optimizing campaigns. Highly recommended for fellow strategists.

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Creative Strategist

Denote's collaboration features are impressive. As a video creation team, we rely on effective communication and sharing of creative content. Denote's boards and sharing options have improved our teamwork and boosted the quality of our videos. It's a game-changer.

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Video Creation Team

Never struggle for inspiration ever again

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Sign up for Denote, it takes less than a minute to get started.

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Download the Chrome Extension or Edge Extension from the Chrome Store.

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Open Denote and use the Extension to save ads from TikTok or Facebook in a single click.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Denote is a platform that empowers users to elevate their creative ad workflow. It allows you to save ads from TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook Ad Library. These ads can be organized into boards, providing inspiration and enhancing collaboration for your team, ultimately leading to success in the ad workflow.

To save TikTok ads using Denote, you'll need to install the Chrome Extension "Denote - Save TikTok & Facebook Ad." You can find it at this address: Denote - Save TikTok & Facebook Ad. Once installed, you can save TikTok ads with just one click without watermark.

You can save ads and videos from TikTok Organic, TikTok Creative Center, and TikTok Ad Library without watermarks using Denote.net.

Yes, once you save ads using Denote, they are securely stored for permanent access. You can retrieve them whenever you need.

Denote provides several collaborative features to enhance teamwork. Users can share saved content with their team members. Additionally, the platform allows for real-time notifications for comments, ensuring seamless communication. Users can also add tags to categorize and organize content effectively.

There may be limitations based on your subscription or account type. It's advisable to check the specific details provided by Denote.net.

Denote prioritizes security and ensures that saved ads are stored in a secure environment. However, it's recommended to follow best practices for sensitive content.

Yes, Denote can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. It's a versatile platform suitable for various advertising needs.

Yes, Denote offers customer support to assist users with any technical or operational issues they may encounter while using the platform.

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Denote lets you bring your entire creative process together into a seamless workflow.